NEW Antarctica as it is today reflects the on going clash of a wilderness continent with a conquering introduced species - human beings. What matters now is to ensure a sound future for the Antarctic wilderness, so that the heart of Antarctica - the intrinsic values that make it special - remain unchanged, forever.

** The XXI Antarctic Meeting Consultative Meeting will be held in Christchurch, New Zealand the last two weeks of May, 1997.

Experience the diversity and cultural richness of the world's deserts, if only virtually. In this special we bring to you a selection of articles, paintings, sculptures, poems and photographs of men and women who have been challenged by the uniqueness of a desert, defeated by its dimensions, rewarded by its remoteness. Consult a desert oracle! Our writer contributors include:

The Fallen Man by Tony Hillerman
In Cahoots With Coyote by Terry Tempest Williams
Border Healing Woman by Pat Little Dog
Precious Balance by John Nichols
On The Mesa by John Nichols
The Pueblo Revolts by Linda Brookover
The Time Is Now by Philip M. Klasky

The Original Arab, The Bedouin by Philip K.Hitti
Muhammad, The Prophet of Allah by Philip K.Hitti
The Crossing of the Empty Quarter by Wilfred Thesiger
Through Western Eyes by Peter Mansfield
The Fearful Void by Geoffrey Moorhouse
The Physics of Sand by William Langewiesche

Kalahari: The Desert by Elizabeth Marshall Thomas
Kalahari: The Birth by Elizabeth Marshall Thomas
Australian Deserts: Their Songlines

Ten different authors write about this rich and diverse empire. Searching for the lost ark, hiking in the African mountains, exploring the people and the history of the land of Zion.

Introduction by Philip Briggs
The Sign and the Seal by Graham Hancock
Lost Cities of Africa by Basil Davidson
Sellassie vs. Mussolini by Harold C. Marcus

Africa High & Wild by Beyond Productions
Ethiopian River Adventures by Adrift
Gelada Baboons by Linda Waddell from Partridge Films

Surviving Salvation by Dr. Ruth Westheimer
The Bobo Dread by Barry Chevannes
Women in Power by Lucy Panhurst

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